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Technical description

Technical description

Number of elections fillings up to 30 kinds of fillings sdinovremennaya-loading
batching governed by the weight of fillings and toppings
Connecting to the Internet GPRS module
Air cleaning Built-in multi-level air filtration system
The shelf life of ingredients 72 hours (shelf life is controlled by electronic-chip cards)
voltage 220 UU
Electric power peak load at the time of warming-up plates 6 kW average, 2.5 kW
Electrical protection circuit breaker 32A
Electrical connection a grounded outlet
Connecting to the water supply not required
IT support Connection to the service "My Account" - complete statistics on the operation of this machine

  The amount of ingredients: Dough-DOYPACK 2 * 20 l / 30 l (= 400/600 servings)
Dry filling tanks 10 to 4 kg each
Toppings and sauces-5 packages of up to 2.5 liters each
A roll of wrapping paper-1450 pancakes

  Sizes: (Height x width x depth)
1960 * 1906 * 922 mm

  Weight - 750 kg

  Performance : 20 pancakes per hour
(Depending on the type of filling and adjustments)





  • Street performance of the device (cold-resistant and vandal-proof kit)
  • Additional Screen
  • External web-camera

What is included in the standard package:

apparatus BlinDozer 1 PC.
Set "film for laminated device obkleyte facade ki" 1 Comp.
Metal tank with the card expiry date 2 kg.- 20 pcs.
Package for liquid toppings, 1.5 n- 10 pieces.
Package under the dough, Leningrad-20 20 pcs.
Plastic cards Period of validity 12 pcs.
Silicone Hoses for dough - 20 pcs.
Silicone Hoses for sousy- 50 pcs.
fitting troynoy- 10 pieces.
fitting pryamoy- 10 pieces.


  • metal tank, 2 kg.
  • metal tank, 4 kg.
  • The package sauce, 1.5 liters.
  • The package sauce, 2.5 liters.
  • The package under the dough, 20 liters.
  • Plastic card expiration date
  • Bag-in refrigeration-boot
  • Bag-carrying
  • Silicone Hoses
  • Fitting triple
  • Socket Direct
  • Wrapping paper, roll
  • Set "laminated film for pasting facade apparatus»
  • Plates teflonirovannye (left and right)