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Vending machine for making pancakes

About Blindozer

«Blindozer» — it is the unique project of Russian engineers and programmers.It is the first vending machines in the world which can bake pancakes for you! Are you concerned about the low demand for chocolate bars, chips and cold sandwiches? Offer your customers something new - a delicious, hot and fresh pancakes with lots assortment of toppings.

How does it work



Area for utility: 1,7 м2

Dimension: 1960x1906x922 мм


Monitoring and management

Access from any device

It does not require special software

Сomfortable web interface



Natural products

fresh pastry

Сooking time less then 3 min

Up to 30 kinds of fillings




Guarantee support

for 1 year


     Cooking pancakes takes approximately 2.5 minutes.

1.   You choose the toppings on the touchscreen and make payments. The device accepts coins from 1 to 10 rubles banknote of 50 to 1000 rubles, and give change.

2.   The dough fed onto the plate and distributed evenly over the surface with a special fan. Stove equipped with a weight sensor that allows you to dispense dough with pinpoint accuracy.

3.   When the pancake browned on one side, it flips the other side of the second plate. Both boards have a non-stick Teflon coating, which ensures reliable operation and detachment pancake.

4.   After baking pancake machine gives the buyer a portion of the selected toppings. Pancake rolled and then packed in a beautiful and nice crisp holding wrapping paper with a company logo.

5.   You take a packaged pancake box issue and enjoy a warm, natural and delicious homemade food.

    В«BlindozerВ» can installed in virtually any room. It takes only   1,7 square meter and does not require a large distance from the walls and ceiling for cooling.

     The vending machines has a built-in multi-level air filtration system, so that in the process does not produce any odors.

     It does not need to connect to ventilation, water supply and other engineering systems.

     Maintenance Wizard requires access only to the front of the "Blindozera" to download and test fillings. It is also sufficient for device maintenance, diagnosis and its replacement nodes.

     В«BleendozerВ» - not only innovative hardware solution. Much attention is paid to program complex apparatus, in particular, the possibility of remote monitoring and management.

     The system has a user-friendly web interface, and connect to you from any computer, tablet or smartphone, using available on the device browser.

     Unlike most other systems, only allowing you to view data on the state apparatus, the remote control system gives you a real opportunity to manage your "Bleendozerami", for example, to disable certain stuffing or upload a new video, display in the standby mode.


   Consumers need to just pick on the   monitor   one of   proposed recipes. At the same time possible to use 16 kinds of fillings. It can be as hearty pancakes (cheese, ham, meat) or sweet (jam, condensed milk).

   The dough and fillings "Bleendozera" delivered in sterile containers with a microchip, which recorded the exact time of production. If the shelf life has expired, the system automatically removes expired ingredient from the menu.

     В«BleendozerВ» — is a a robot that cooks pancakes for home recipes of the ingredients can be bought in ordinary supermarkets. That is why they turn fragrant, tasty and healthy.

         Простота обслуживания была одним из главных критериев при разработке «Блиндозера».
         Мы сделали его фронтальную стенку полностью открывающейся и обеспечили удобный доступ ко всем узлам и агрегатам. При заправке мастеру требуется лишь протереть поверхности плит, проверить наличие упаковочной бумаги и провести инкассацию.
         Также «Блиндозер» имеет серьезные возможности для самодиагностики, и проинформирует вас о большинстве неполадок сразу после их обнаружения.
         В течение первого года после продажи все работы по техническому обслуживанию осуществляются персоналом производителя. Ваши мастера могут перенимать опыт наших специалистов «в поле», а при необходимости, мы организуем для вас обучение на нашей производственной площадке.
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Unique vending machine "Bleendozer"

You get a machine that has no analogues not only in Russia but also in the world.

Fixed income

Imagine how easy it is to make a profit when you possess the capability 24 hours 7 days of remote monitoring and management of a week. The larger your network, the greater your profit.


As our customer, you have access to the "My Account". There you will be able to remotely control their network devices, quickly see the number of remaining dough and fillings, to receive messages about the need to hold a cash collection or maintenance work, as well as much more.

Guarantee maintenance within a year

During the first year after the sale of all maintenance work carried out manufacturer personnel. Your master can learn from the experience of our specialists and, if necessary, we will arrange for you at our production site training.

Support 24 hours

Our specialists are always happy to advise you or provide technical support.

Аdvertising opportunities

In the basic configuration "Blindozera" has a touch screen. The buyer uses it when choosing toppings, and other times you can display on the monitor any images or videos. In addition, you can order the installation of additional widescreen monitor. It is mounted on top of the unit and expands your advertising opportunities.

Often under the advertising on the device means video or playlist, occasionally updated service master. "Blindozer" allows you to change the advertising remotely, at any convenient time. For example, if you see what kind of filling is not in demand, and is predicted to not have time to finish before the expiration date, you can reduce its price and launch promo on the screen, without leaving your office.

Fresh ingredients at the appointed time and place

Ingredients added to pancakes, natural products without harmful additives and impurities.

Delicious pancakes



from 11 to 14 July 2016 Bleendozer took part in the largest exhibition of innovative country —Nbsp;INNOPROM 2016 Ekaterinburg, pavilion № 1, stand 1S9.



Our partners from Italy have developed the concept of use of automatic machines Blindozer in street space. Having integrated him into a stop of public transport.

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